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Ocean Plastic Surgery Center is now offering our own line of Medical Grade Skincare products.

Medical Grade Skincare products

Why use medical grade products you ask?
Medical grade means we formulated our products with the highest concentrations safely available to use with a physician-guided approach to treatment. Our products undergo extensive testing to ensure the highest quality, efficacy, and stability. These formulations are also synergistic, meaning we do not rely on a single ingredient to combat any dermatological issue, yielding rapid result.

What are the focal points of these products?
Our products offer anti-aging benefits, skin lightening, sun protection, acne assistance and hair growth.

Product list

Revitalizing Cleanser: Contains 11 botanical essential oils and extracts including: Clary sage,Galanga and Aloe. Cleanses, conditions and invigorates sensitive skin leaving it soft, smooth and visibly younger looking. Hydrates skin with essential anti-aging nutrients. Cleanses dirt and impurities without irritation.

Radiant-C Cream: Contains powerful potent blend of 5 types of self-stabilized, bioavailable Vitamin-C. Delivers Vitamin C four times more efficiently than leading formulas. Collagen-stimulating Benefits helps to firm and tighten skin. Brightens and evens skin tone. Helps to soothe and diminish redness and inflammation with Vitamin C enriched natural fruit extracts. Improves the appearance of skin from acne related issues.

Neutral Eyes + Eye Complex: Contains a clinically-proven combination of 5-in-1 multi-activities to dramatically
  • Reduce dark circles and puffiness
  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm and tighten again skin
  • Brighten aging skin
  • Reduce inflammation. Decreases the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area by 45% through stimulation.

  • Tretinol Serum: Dramatically reduces the appearance of the fine lines, wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. Gently exfoliates, improves tone and texture. Contains patented Retinoid Complex (Tretinol) including Vitamins C and E encapsulated with a proprietary Trans-Epidermal Carrier. Stimulates cellular regeneration and collagen and elastin production improving skin grain and tone. Counteracts photo aging effects of UV damage. Helps to normalize the physiology of the skin to make it more healthy and radiant. Resurfaces and rejuvenates skin for a clearer looking complexion.

    Clear Defense SPF 45: Highest possible level of protection. Fast absorbing SPF also features a high level of Niacinamide. Reduces redness and blotchiness. Increases firmness and elasticity. Lightweight, leaves no residue. An innovative new way to protect the skin against UV and IR. Lightweight UVA and UVB broad spectrum protection.

    Intensive Recovery Cream: Reduces stinging and irritation associated with the use of hydroxy acids and retinoids while increasing the NMF (natural facial moisturizing factor). Provides physical and biological benefits to the skin. Down regulates inflammation enzymes to soothe the skin. Ceramides present restore the barrier function of the skin. Results in increased moisturizing and protection leading to less sensitive and less dry skin.

    HA Physical Tint- SPF 44: 100% physical sunscreen features a moisturizing base and sheer, universal tint. Light enough to wear alone or under makeup. Water resistant sunscreen. (40 min) Leaves the skin hydrated and with a "dewy look".

    Rapid Growth Serum: Improves proteins in dermal papilla for better hair anchoring. Clinically proven to reduce the production of DHT. Stimulates hair follicle anchoring, providing fuller, thicker and healthier hair. Induces a visible increase in the anagen hair density. Effectively inhibits the enzyme which converts testosterone into DHT.

    All of our products are dermatologist tested, naturally derived, paraben free, sulfate free, & not tested on animals. Feel free to give the office a call to place your order from the comfort of your own home. You can also email any questions you may have to [email protected]

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    Developed by Allergan, Latisse® is a treatment for hypotrichosis (sparse or too-short lashes). FDA approved since 2008, Latisse® appears to increase both the duration of the lashes' growth phase, as well as the number of lashes via its active ingredient, bimatoprost. It is meant to be applied to the base of the eyelashes each night before sleep to increase their fullness and length. If used as instructed by your physician, Latisse® can provide visible growth results in only a month's time. Latisse® is a prescription-only treatment and requires special discretion if you use any medication for eye pressure conditions. If you've been frustrated with the length or volume of your lashes, schedule a consultation at Ocean Plastic Surgery Center today to see if Latisse® is the right product for you.