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About Chemical Peels

For the highest quality results from chemical peel aesthetic treatments, plastic surgeon William P. Aiello performs the trichloracetic acid (TCA) peel. TCA removes the damaged outer layers of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It is extremely beneficial for many skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and sun damage. By removing the buildup of dead skin cells and stimulating the regenerative process, you will notice marked improvements in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, texture and tone of the skin, hydration, reduced pore size, clearing of blemishes, more balanced oil production, and an overall healthier skin appearance.

Deep Chemical Peels

In our Los Alamitos, CA office, Dr. Aiello performs a TCA peel at a higher strength and greater depth than is available at a spa. This treatment is the strongest level of peel and requires more recovery time than a spa peel. Patients who receive a deep chemical peel generally have age or dark spots, melasma, sun damage, and wrinkles. Since this strength of chemical peel is typically uncomfortable for patients, it is performed under anesthesia.

This level of peel shows drastically more improvement than a lighter peel and can only be performed by an experienced physician. If you prefer a lighter chemical peel, talk to Dr. Aiello at your consultation. He can refer you to our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner for a lighter chemical peel or a laser treatment.

Ideal Candidates for Chemical Peels

Receiving the suggestions of an aesthetic specialist is the first part of the journey to healthier skin. A team member at Ocean Plastic Surgery Center will evaluate your skin during a consultation in our Los Alamitos, CA surgical center before recommending a chemical peel for ideal results. Chemical peel patients of both genders typically have visible problems in their skin, like rough texture, acne, discoloration, fine lines, sun spots, and more. We will recommend the best peel or perhaps laser skin resurfacing to fit your concerns.

Chemical Peels Procedure Technique

First, it is mandatory with chemical peels that patients pre-treat their skin prior to the peel. We will instruct you about this pre-treatment regimen during your consultation. During your peel, Dr. Aiello will apply the solution onto your skin and allow it to work for an appropriate length of time, which will have been determined in your chemical peel consultation. Finally, he will clean the peel off your skin and put on a neutralizing agent. Patients are encouraged to bring a hat to wear outside following the procedure to protect their skin from environmental exposure.

What to Expect from Chemical Peels

When not done along with a surgery, the deep TCA peel is usually done once or twice a year. It does require some downtime — usually about a week — when the peeling is obvious. Dr. Aiello or a member of his team will go over methods to treat your face following your procedure. It is mandatory with a chemical peel of this depth that patients maintain their skin at home afterward with specified skin care products. Please remember that no matter how badly your skin itches throughout the post-treatment process, it's not helpful to pick the skin off. You may create scarring to your delicate skin! As with all resurfacing treatments, long-term results after a TCA peel are greatly contingent on your lifestyle and skin care maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions for Chemical Peels

How much does a chemical peel cost?
Costs for a chemical peel will vary, depending on the level of peel you need and whether or not anesthesia is required. Ocean Plastic Surgery Center takes several payment methods, and you can ask about current specials on facial treatments, like chemical peels. For our lighter peels, buying a package with several chemical peel treatments can also help you save money.

What level should I choose for my chemical peel?
Dr. Aiello only performs a deep TCA chemical peel. In your consultation with Dr. Aiello, he can explain the difference, and if you prefer a lighter peel, he can refer you to our Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner for this treatment.

Should I get a chemical peel or a laser treatment?
Laser treatments and chemical peels both address surface imperfections to give your skin a rejuvenated appearance. The major difference is that laser resurfacing clears away the surface skin layer with heat and energy. A chemical peel applies a solution to your skin to dissolve dead and damaged skin cells. During your consultation, we will recommend which treatment will best meet your goals.

Will my face hurt after a chemical peel?
Deep chemical peels, like those performed by Dr. Aiello, do typically cause redness and some swelling but not any significant post-treatment pain. The skin treated by the TCA will feel very sunburned. You will be instructed to use specific skin care products to help you feel more comfortable during the healing process.

Can I combine a chemical peel with other treatments?
A deep TCA peel is commonly done in conjunction with facial plastic surgery procedures, like a facelift and eyelid lift for patients that also need improvement with their skin texture and tone.

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