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A surgical facelift creates a tighter, more youthful look in the mid and lower facial areas by gently lifting the skin and underlying facial muscles.

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Benefits of a Face Lift

Benefits of a Face Lift

A face lift can dramatically rejuvenate your appearance by tightening and lifting the skin on your face and neck.

  • Youthful appearance: Restore a more youthful and vibrant look.
  • Smoother skin: Reduce wrinkles and sagging.
  • Boosted confidence: Feel more confident and satisfied with your appearance.
  • Long-lasting results: Enjoy results that can last for years.
Is a Face Lift Right for You?

Is a Face Lift Right for You?

Consider a face lift if you want to reduce signs of aging and achieve a more youthful appearance. Ideal candidates are in good health with realistic expectations.

Frequently asked questions for face lift

How much does a facelift cost?
The cost of your facelift will depend on the technique chosen and other factors. In your consultation, Dr. Aiello will create your unique treatment plan to match your needs and goals. When this is complete, he can go over estimates of fees. To avoid unnatural-looking results, it's better to concentrate on finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Aiello, instead of the lowest price. Ocean Plastic Surgery Center can give you information on low-interest financing that can help make your facelift affordable.
Will all of my wrinkles be gone after my facelift?
Not necessarily. Your face shows signs of aging in three ways. Tightening the muscles and re-draping the skin with a facelift only addresses one of the signs. You may also have fat volume loss and skin texture issues, such as deep wrinkles and discoloration of your skin. Procedures to address these other two signs of aging include cheek implants, fat grafting, or injectable fillers to restore volume. You could also opt for a laser, chemical peel, or dermabrasion to resurface your skin to improve skin tone and clarity.
Will my scars be hidden?
Your incisions will depend on the area of the face that is targeted and the amount of change you want. During your consultation, Dr. Aiello will recommend an approach based on your goals and facial characteristics, including the shape of your face. The placement and length of incisions vary, depending on the facelift technique that best suits you. Many patients are interested in a Minimal Incision Facelift. Not all patients are candidates for this technique, but during your consultation, Dr. Aiello will review all options with you. Regardless of the type of facelift you receive, you will have incisions that involve the skin around your ear. Most commonly, they continue down and around the front of your ears, hidden in the natural creases behind your ears in your hair. Facelift scars can be virtually invisible, narrow, flat, and well placed behind the ear so you can still wear your hair back or short.
Are the results from a facelift long-lasting?
When performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Aiello, a facelift is designed to achieve results that not only look natural now but will also age naturally with you. While nothing can stop the normal aging process after a facelift, you will always look years younger than you would have without the surgery. However, there are certain things you can do to keep your results looking their best. Maintaining a healthy, stable weight is important as significant weight fluctuations can cause the skin to stretch out again. You should also adopt a consistent, quality skin care regimen to keep your skin healthy and protected from unnecessary aging.
Am I too old (or too young) for a facelift?
Many patients may feel that have waited too late in life to address their facial aging, or on the opposite end of the spectrum that they are too young to be considering a facelift. Techniques for facelift surgery can range from minimally invasive to more extensive, sophisticated surgery. Every patient at Ocean Plastic Surgery Center is evaluated, and recommendations are based on their personal case. If you are older but in good general health and have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for a facelift. If you are younger, you may be a candidate for a Minimal Incision facelift.

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