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Achieve your desired look with breast revision surgery at Ocean Plastic Surgery Center. Our skilled surgeons in Los Alamitos serve Los Angeles and Orange County, providing exceptional results for breast revision procedures.

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Benefits of Breast Revision

Benefits of Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery offers numerous benefits, helping you achieve your desired breast appearance and addressing any complications from previous surgeries.

  • Correct implant issues: Address issues such as implant rupture or capsular contracture.
  • Improve symmetry: Enhance the symmetry and shape of your breasts.
  • Update implant size: Change the size of your implants to better suit your preferences.
  • Boosted confidence: Feel more confident and satisfied with your breast appearance.
Is breast revision right for you?

Is breast revision right for you?

Consider breast revision if you are not satisfied with the results of a previous breast augmentation or if you experience complications. Ideal candidates are in good health with realistic expectations.

  • Unsatisfied with previous breast augmentation results
  • Experience complications such as implant rupture or capsular contracture
  • Desire a change in implant size or type
  • Are in good health and have realistic expectations

Frequently asked questions about breast revision

How much does breast revision surgery cost?
Your cost for breast revision surgery will vary based on the complexity of your procedure. In your consultation, Dr. Aiello will listen carefully to your needs and concerns before completing a physical examination of your implants. Afterward, he will talk about your choices before creating your treatment plan. The total cost of revision surgery will be based on the complexity of the procedure, plus your new implants. It's better to concentrate on getting great results by finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Aiello, instead of the cheapest options. As a way to help make your surgery affordable, Ocean Plastic Surgery Center accepts many different payment types, and we will give you information on low-interest financing.
What if Dr. Aiello wasn't my original surgeon?
Dr. Aiello can perform your revision surgery even if he was not the surgeon who did your original breast augmentation. Revision surgery is sometimes more difficult compared to augmentation surgery, especially if you want significant changes or have problems, which is why it is best to find a plastic surgeon, like Dr. Aiello, who has advanced training and experience in breast surgery. Dr. Aiello also welcomes his patients to come back to Ocean Plastic Surgery Center for revision surgery after their augmentation surgery if they notice an issue or would like new implants.
What about loose skin?
When you are getting your implants exchanged or removed, you may want to have excess skin removed as well. After hearing your goals and evaluating your current implants, Dr. Aiello can discuss adding a breast lift to remove sagging skin. If you lose a lot of weight, get pregnant, or breastfeed after augmentation surgery, a revision with a lift gives you better results.
Will there be new scars?
When possible, Dr. Aiello will make incisions for revision surgery in the original augmentation incisions. If this isn't possible, he will place the revision incisions where they are least visible. Dr. Aiello usually advocates for either a periareolar incision (along the lower border of the areola) or an inframammary incision (beneath the breast fold), but he will discuss all the options at your consultation. Dr. Aiello or a member of his team will explain scar care instructions so your incisions heal smoothly and blend with your skin.
Do I have to change my implants?
Although implants are long-lasting, they do require replacement eventually. Once you've had augmentation surgery, it's important to get your implants examined at least once a year so Dr. Aiello can help you determine if your implants need to be exchanged. With frequent advances in medical technology, you may prefer the new implant types and shapes to get a better outcome from breast revision surgery.

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Ready to correct or improve your breast augmentation results? Schedule a consultation with our expert surgeons. We’ll discuss your goals, answer your questions, and create a personalized treatment plan.