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Dr. Aiello - Facial Rejuvenation Video - Los Alamitos, CA


Dr. Aiello: With Facial rejuvenation, it encompasses a number of different things, and it means something different to each individual. A lot of times patients aren't really sure of what it is that they want, they just know that they see some aging changes and they're not exactly sure what the best process is to get it done.

Dr. Aiello: It's my job to evaluate them, help them see what the issues are that bother them the most, and try to come up with a game plan that will address those issues. This could be anything from simple as a Botox injection, to fillers for some nasal labial folds, or it can be to the point where they need actual surgery, and that could be anything from a forehead lift to an eyelid lift to facelift to a neck lift.

Toni: It really makes your face, the lines smoother, and just your face more vibrant and your makeup goes on a lot better.

Shasta: I had Botox here because I didn't want to get those permanent lines in my face, and then here, I did the filler, plump up my face some.

Maria: I had my eyes done, it was an eye lift, and he recommended to do the bottom as well, which I never thought I needed it, but the results were amazing.

Toni: This is a thing for me, particularly when I go out and about to a restaurant and somebody calls me, ma'am, I know it's time to get it again. Okay, so!

Shasta: He did more than what I thought he could do.

Maria: He inspires your trust immediately. He takes care of you, like if you're the best friend or daughter or sister.

Dr. Aiello: We pride ourselves on being very accessible to the patients, they can call at any hour of the day or night. But I find that we get very few phone calls overall because the fact that we educate the patients quite a bit before surgery and after surgery about what they can expect, and generally most of their questions have been answered prior to actually having the procedure done.

Shasta: My husband and I went to the appointments together. We ended up going with him because he made us feel the most comfortable. He's really easygoing, made me feel like he really wanted to help me.