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Dr. Aiello - Breast & Body Rejuvenation Video - Los Alamitos, CA


Dr. Aiello: Body Rejuvenation could be anything from a straight, simple breast enlargement to what they call Mommy Makeover where a patient has either lost a lot of weight, stretched out a lot of tissue, and needs to have the breasts, the belly, the hips, the buttocks, the thighs all adjusted. There's quite a few procedures that can be done for a total body makeover.

Dr. Aiello: Breast surgery seems to be the most popular surgery, especially breast enlargement. I think what goes through a lot of patients' minds is “how big is big enough”. When patients come in the first time, they're always concerned that they don't wanna look overly large.

Sarah: They have you do a rice test, which I thought was very different. No other doctor had told me to do that. They put rice in a little nylon bag, and you wear them around and see reactions of people so that you're very comfortable with the size you're gonna end up with.

Anna: Life before was a lot of push-up bras, a lot of things I wasn't happy with, I didn't like the way I looked in a bikini. So I just decided that it was time for a change.

Sarah: I wanted a subtle change, nothing too dramatic, and that helped us out with what size to go with. Once I had it done, it wasn't too much of a dramatic change, it was just what I wanted.

Anna: He lets you make the decisions on how big you wanna go, or how you want things done. He will basically hold your hand through all of the procedures.

Anna: I was so happy with the results. It's very subtle, so it wasn't an in-your-face kind of a procedure.

Dr. Aiello: In addition to the breast enlargement, oftentimes patients need to have a breast life. This is because the breasts have tended to droop over a period of years, or after many pregnancies and breast feeding. So, as a result, just putting implants in isn't going to be satisfactory, they also need to have tissues transferred up and put in another position.

Dr. Aiello: As most people realize, in America we have a large amount of the population that are overweight. As a result, people are seeking bariatric surgery to have weight loss, and whether they do it through surgery or they do it by dieting and exercise, the end result is that they end up shrinking their body, but the skin envelope usually stays stretched.

Dr. Aiello: Body sculpturing for these people requires various different procedures from the head all the way down to the ankles. It just depends what their primary focus is. In many cases, it's the central portion of the body where they feel their breasts are hanging down and need to be lifted and enlarged, the skin in the abdomen is loose and they need to have that tightened up and the muscles tightened up on the abdomen.

Elizabeth: I was really unhappy with my breasts and my tummy, it just didn't look like I wanted it to look. So I did my breast augmentation first, about five years ago, and it was awesome, the best thing I ever, ever did.

Monica: As far as what I had done, it was a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. The compliments that I got from people were great. I got all kinds of compliments from friends, family, everybody was so happy to see me... I was glowing.

Elizabeth: It's been 14 years since I've been able to wear a bikini, so it was really exciting for me for this summer. I was shopping for bathing suits, and it was really exciting for me to do that this year for the first time.

Sarah: I would recommend Dr. Aiello because he was so honest with me, and that was probably number one. Number two is he made me very, very comfortable. Any questions that I had, even if I came in for two separate appointments just to ask the questions, he was always available.

Anna: Come and see Dr. Aiello, he's the most amazing doctor ever.