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Some procedures do not require a long recovery period before the patient is able to see their full results. These procedures typically involve the excision of some excess tissue and the tightening of the skin. Other procedures require a long recovery period because of the intensity of the procedure and the significance of the changes made to the tissue and internal structure of the body.

Rhinoplasty can involve the fracturing of the nasal bones, the removal of cartilage, and adjustments to the structures of the nose. All of this work can be very traumatic on the tissues of the nose and leads to internal swelling that prevents the full results of your procedure from appearing for up to two years.

Even though the full results can take time to appear, your nose will take on a natural-looking and attractive appearance after roughly six months, when a majority of the swelling has subsided. If you are interested in rhinoplasty and would like to schedule a consultation, please contact Ocean Plastic Surgery Center.

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