Woman in Hermosa Beach receives Rhinoplasty in Los Alamitos, CA

Procedure Details

This patient came to see Dr. Aiello unhappy with the front curvature of her nose and her profile. Both issues related to the bridge of her nose. From the front, a clear curve to one side was seen from the top of the bridge to the nasal tip. From her profile, an indent and dorsal hump were apparent from the very top of her nasal bridge. In a great number of rhinoplasty patients, a crooked nose deformity is the result of a injury (sports, accident, etc.). However, in many cases, patients are simply born with a nose that develops or grows into a crooked alignment. She did not want a huge transformation and simply desired to have the bridge refined so that she maintained her unique look with a slight straitening. Dr. Aiello performed a rhinoplasty to address the nasal bridge. He also performed a septoplasty to improve air intake. She is seen here 7 months after her procedures. She has the desired refinement, but friends and family aren't quite able to place what she had done!


Ocean Plastic Surgery Center

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