Woman in Manhattan Beach has Rhinoplasty in Los Alamitos, CA

Procedure Details

This Rhinoplasty patient came to see Dr. Aiello with specific goals in mind. She wanted to turn her straight, classical "Roman" nose into a "cute upturned" nose. She was self conscious about her nose, but knew it was not that big. She just wanted some slight changes to give her a new aesthetic. Dr. Aiello performed a rhinoplasty to accomplish her goals, while still keeping her outcome natural and not too upturned. She is pictured here 1 month after her rhinoplasty. It is a very early result to present, as swelling with rhinoplasty can lasts up to 1 year. She looks so great and is very pleased so far! She will continue to improve and refine over the next few months. (Please Note: This patient also had a lower eye lid lift (lower blepharoplasty) with her rhinoplasty, this is responsible for the dramatic improvement to her under eye area.)


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