Woman in Signal Hill receives Lower Eyelid Lift in Los Alamitos, CA

Procedure Details

Most Blepharoplasty procedures are performed because of unappealing eye characteristics that are a specifically a consequence of aging. However, the issues that prompt patients to seek out this procedure may occur on a hereditary basis or from lack of body fat on patients with naturally thin frames. These unfavorable traits can absolutely be dealt with at an earlier age. This patient is a great example of someone who is super fit, but because of her low body fat, she looked especially hollow in her under eye area. The under eye hollowness is due to loss of upper cheek fat and descent (fall) of the cheeks. This combined with the early signs of aging have affected the skin of her bottom eyelids. They have lost elasticity, resulting in excess lower eyelid skin and wrinkles. Dr. Aiello addressed her concerns by performing a lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. She was thrilled to feel more confident, her small incisions hidden in her lash line, no one knows she had anything done. She just looks completely refreshed! She's pictured here 1 month after her procedure.


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