Woman in Ojai receives a modified breast lift with implants in Los Alamitos, CA

Procedure Details

This patient came for consultation unhappy withe size and shape of her breasts. She suffers from TBD (Tuberous Breast Deformity) This condition occurs when one or both breasts fail to fully develop during puberty, leading to breasts that are tubular in shape instead of round. Though tuberous breasts are not a health concern, they can have a serious impact on emotional well-being. Dr. Aiello improved the shape of her breasts by performing a modified mastopexy and a breast augmentation. The larger breast was also reduced via liposuction. The after pictures are 5 months after her procedures. She had a quick recovery, returning to work in a week. She is thrilled with her rounder, more symmetrical breast shape and size! PROCEDURE DETAILS: Periareolar Modified Mastopexy, Submuscular Implant Placement with Mentor Memory Gel Smooth Round 680 cc silicone gel implants.


Ocean Plastic Surgery Center

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